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spring is so in the air! can you feel it? something about the impending sunny weather is really bringing out our inner flower child. we are digging on anything and everything earthy, flowing, feathery, and ethereal. and nothing encompasses “love-in” more than dream catchers!

you need: 


~a twig from your yard (about a foot long)

~ feathers (your local craft store will sell packages in a plethora of pretty colors!)

here’s how:

this project was so super simple.  cut a few pieces of thread in various lengths.  tie feathers along each string making sure to double knot the thread around the stem of the feather.  don’t worry too much about evenly spacing the feathers.  the more random, the better your dream catcher will look in the end! now loop each feather-covered thread around the twig and tie securely.  once again, don’t worry about evenly spacing the thread. cut a longer piece of thread, tie it to either end of the twig, and use this loop to hang your new so dreamy dream catcher!

sweet dreams! xo. Lexi and Lo


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