texas in the springtime

bon voyage, readers! lexi here, live from the Chicago O’Hare airport. i’m heading to Austin, Texas today for SXSW (south by southwest). if you haven’t heard of SXSW, it’s a festival best known for it’s completely rad music showcase, and is lesser known for it’s very cool, very nerdy interactive media conference. yours truly, while a avid lover of all rad music, is going to be spending her time getting dorky with her fellow social media colleagues. however, just because the conference is a nerdfest, doesn’t mean i have to look the part. and with weather in the 70’s, this might just be the perfect time to play dress up in spring’s cutest looks. my bags are packed, and i’ll be sure to post updates with some of my favorite looks i come up with in Austin, but i put together a little wishlist for my suitcase. with so much to love this coming spring season it was hard to narrow it down to three, but here goes:


can I have these shoes please? these would be perfect to turn your day look into a “i am ready for things that are as wild as these shoes” evening look.


black and white print and a splash of salmon? can’t go wrong.


oh gosh, am i obsessed with this jade color or what! flats, cute prints, i’ll take it all!

tell us: what’s on your spring fashion wishlist?

time to board! i’ll talk to you from texas, y’all!

xoxo lexi


good morning, muffins!  hope you all did not catch my accidental post snafu that occurred over night. whoopsy! sometimes i’m not the most computer literate lady. but if you were, by chance, subjected to these singular and random posts, you might have picked up on the fact that i was waist deep in the world of online shopping! spring time dresses, wedged sandals, colorful bags that are just begging for a beach outting. i want it all!

so it only seems appropriate that this monday’s music is a tribute to fashion. a mix of all of my favorite songs about clothes! this was such a fun playlist to put together.  i’d love to know:  what is your favorite apparel inspired song?  xo, Lo

i love my shirt ~ donovan

brand new shoes ~ she & him

long black veil ~ the band

blue suede shoes ~ carl perkins

these boots are made for walking ~ nancy sinatra

a pretty dress ~ king tuff

boogie shoes ~ kc and the sunshine band

undone- the sweater song ~ weezer

she bought a hat like princess marina ~ the kinks

sunday snapshots

“A noun is a person, place, thing, or idea.” I started thinking about nouns the other day while I was tutoring. My 6 year old sidekick was asking about them, and I got nervous, as I always do when asked to do something besides read or demonstrate the proper way to carry scissors. As the day went on, and I kept thinking about the weight those types of words carry, I came to realize how often we ignore the “ideas”, as if they’re not as important as the “person, place or thing” part. Grammar and happiness aren’t usually correlated so directly in my mind, but give me a chance to explain.

Do you remember learning about nouns? I remember warm, humming overhead projectors displaying transfers that read “A noun is a person, place, thing, or idea. It was 2nd grade, Mrs. Feldman’s class. It made enough sense that an idea could be a noun. It’s a thing. You can have it, you can give it away, and it can be beautiful of ugly.  Still, it seemed like an afterthought, tacked at the end, because they had nowhere else to go.

I spend so much time in my head, dreaming away, but I feel like I don’t give my ideas as much credit as the other nouns, like “my job” or “my artwork.” What’s that all about? There are so many beautiful ideas out there that; some we turn into tangible things, some we don’t. Think about a story. It’s just an idea but when you hear or read a beautiful story, it has substance. You wake up with an amazing vision of building a bright blue chicken coop in your backyard. You know nothing about animal husbandry, your city’s stance on urban farming, or the construction of simple structures. It’s beautiful though. Whether or not you do it, it’s your idea and it’s worth celebrating. It lives in your mind until it lives in your backyard. It may never live in your backyard.  Sometimes, when I have an idea for something I want to make or do, I’m suddenly overwhelmed with the feeling of premature disappointment, already doubting that the idea will come to fruition. What if, by letting your mind wander, imagining amazing places and adventures and creative expressions without any self-doubt, it already has come to fruition in a way? It’s something already. It’s an idea. You can make it tangible if you want to, if you can, if you’re ready.

So don’t get too stuck on the physical stuff, okay? Your beautiful ideas can stay in your mind, as fantasies to escape to on long car rides, or they can serve as inspiration for your next amazing feat. Feed your pretty thoughts, try weird stuff, and give your ideas a chance. Example: I want to live on a goat farm sell goat cheese, and teach children to paint out of amazing refurbished airstream trailer with a tree growing out of the middle. I love this idea. It might be really nuts. I just love having it. I can carry it around with me as I go through my day. It inspires me to figure out how cheese is made, and to giggle when I see pictures of goats, and to try to sneak in as much drawing as I can when I tutor; but honestly, it hasn’t done that much more than that. But it’s free, and it’s positive, and that’s a pretty decent combination if you ask me.

Just an idea for you.

vegan diaries: day 23

Dear Diary,

Today is the 23rd day of being vegan! We can’t believe we made it! We’ve definitely never cooked so much in our lives, or purchased so much produce. There have been disasters (Lexi’s sister still isn’t speaking to her after that tofu scramble incident. “Not tasty” is a grave understatement) and there have been amazing successes (Hello, curry! Who knew you were so delicious?!).  There have been some haters (“Wait, you’re not eating cheeeeesseee???? what’s wrong with you???) and some awesome friends whose dinner invites have mentioned “a vegan option for those crazy people who are into that”. Essentially, just like anything new, there are ups and downs, you question your choices, feel frustrated when you screw up, then (hopefully) realize that it’s all a learning process and you give yourself a break.

Every week there’s been something new to learn and take away from completely changing our diets. It’s been so interesting to learn so much from food.  At the beginning, the things we learned were specific and physical.  Discovering how to get through the day without feeling too hungry, not accidentally eating junk food constantly, and how in the world to cook black-eyed peas. This week, as those specific things are becoming more second nature, the lesson of the week is a little less tangible. The negative feelings and feelings of “missing out” are waning, and that spot is being replaced with something so positive. Unapologetic is in the name of our blog, right? Okay, so we’re not going to apologize when we say that today, on day 23, we’re feeling the love. Love, as in, we feel like we’re loving our bodies by feeding them things that are healthy. When we look at an avocado,we feel like it’s pretty magical. Kale? Magic central. Giant glass of cold water? Bowl full of ripe tomatoes? We love you. Perhaps we’ve lost our minds. The lack of cheese has driven us mad. We prefer to think that all of this insanely healthy food has shown us that eating vegan isn’t really about going without, but about giving yourself more of the foods that your body loves. It’s like we’re saying “Hey, bod! I really love the hell out of you!” with every bite. For us, eating vegan was about finding this kind of positive feeling, even if we didn’t know specifically how it would happen. For you, it could be something else entirely. The main thing to take away, for us at least, is to do something good for yourself, something that makes you feel beautiful inside and out. You’re pretty special, and we could all use the love.


Lexi & Lo

this week in photos

get hung up

a knotted pile of necklaces, a crazed heap of scarves, or a closet full of hoodies that are acting as floor covering can all be filed under “mildly annoying things that are happening in my bedroom”. fortunately, we have a super cute, terribly easy solution for you.

i was thrifting in Michigan a few weeks ago and picked up these cool doorknobs and doorknob face plates. i handed them over to lo, who grabbed some paint, some epoxy, and turned these discarded pieces into a really adorable way to hang whatever it is you need to hang. i found these at a “junk” store, but you can pick things like this up at salvage places (check out salvage one in Chicago if you have a chance…it’s dreamy). the epoxy for attaching the knobs to the plates can be found at any hardware store.

try making a bunch of these and hanging them in a row- instant coat rack! have fun, try something new, and just don’t epoxy your fingers together. have a great weekend darlings!

xoxo lexi and lo