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bon voyage, readers! lexi here, live from the Chicago O’Hare airport. i’m heading to Austin, Texas today for SXSW (south by southwest). if you haven’t heard of SXSW, it’s a festival best known for it’s completely rad music showcase, and is lesser known for it’s very cool, very nerdy interactive media conference. yours truly, while a avid lover of all rad music, is going to be spending her time getting dorky with her fellow social media colleagues. however, just because the conference is a nerdfest, doesn’t mean i have to look the part. and with weather in the 70’s, this might just be the perfect time to play dress up in spring’s cutest looks. my bags are packed, and i’ll be sure to post updates with some of my favorite looks i come up with in Austin, but i put together a little wishlist for my suitcase. with so much to love this coming spring season it was hard to narrow it down to three, but here goes:


can I have these shoes please? these would be perfect to turn your day look into a “i am ready for things that are as wild as these shoes” evening look.


black and white print and a splash of salmon? can’t go wrong.


oh gosh, am i obsessed with this jade color or what! flats, cute prints, i’ll take it all!

tell us: what’s on your spring fashion wishlist?

time to board! i’ll talk to you from texas, y’all!

xoxo lexi


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good morning, muffins!  hope you all did not catch my accidental post snafu that occurred over night. whoopsy! sometimes i’m not the most computer literate lady. but if you were, by chance, subjected to these singular and random posts, you might have picked up on the fact that i was waist deep in the world of online shopping! spring time dresses, wedged sandals, colorful bags that are just begging for a beach outting. i want it all!

so it only seems appropriate that this monday’s music is a tribute to fashion. a mix of all of my favorite songs about clothes! this was such a fun playlist to put together.  i’d love to know:  what is your favorite apparel inspired song?  xo, Lo

i love my shirt ~ donovan

brand new shoes ~ she & him

long black veil ~ the band

blue suede shoes ~ carl perkins

these boots are made for walking ~ nancy sinatra

a pretty dress ~ king tuff

boogie shoes ~ kc and the sunshine band

undone- the sweater song ~ weezer

she bought a hat like princess marina ~ the kinks

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this winter has been so insanely and unseasonably warm here in chicago. its mid february and we’ve barely seen snow (knock on wood)!  so when temperatures started to dip this week, i was the tiniest bit excited to bust out a few of my favorite chilly weather accessories.  its hard to stay warm and retain a sense of style but a splash of color and a dash of (faux) fur keep away the winter blahs. what’s your secret weapon for looking cute in the cold? xo, Lo.

faux fur hood: UO ~ pea coat: thrifted ~ handbag: topshop ~ gloves: isotoner ~ opaque tights: target ~ shoes: thrifted

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we’re super excited to be starting a new segment here at the blog. once a week, we’ll be featuring someone we know who has a pretty fly sense of style. we’ll take some photos and find out how they got so darn good at dressing themselves.

this month, in honor of Valentine’s Day and hearts and all things cute, we’re going to feature one fashionable fella a week. i mean, who doesn’t like cute boys?

if you’re a dude, take some notes. these gentlemen have got themselves a real dandy sense of fashion. ladies,  check out the looks we came across to help the babes in your life kick it up a notch, style-wise.

subject: jonathan.

we caught up with jonathan last week, rummaged through his (amazingly well organized) closet, talked to him about his own sense of style, what he likes and doesn’t like, and how he acquired such an amazing tie collection. we asked some questions and snapped some pretty cute pics along the way:

l&l:describe your fashion style in 3 words or less:

j:  brightly bland

l&l: what are you thinking when you’re in front of your closet, deciding what to wear?

j: i tend to build my outfit around one article.  more often than not, that article is a tie.  ties and watches (and the vision-impaired [me] might argue for glasses) have proven themselves to be the timeless male accessories.  for business attire, a tie punctuates the outfit.  shoes are casual clothing’s punctuation.  i don’t spend too much time figuring out what to wear. over the last five years i’ve built up enough clothes to have plenty of options.  plus, nothing looks good to me if i over think it.  best to go with your gut and give the selection a brief, but critical, eye in the mirror.  never more than 15 seconds lest narcissism find a foothold into your heart!

l&l: do you think you style is working with the ladies?

j: i receive compliments on my dress and general presentation from the womenfolk often enough, i suppose.  as for luck with women; not so much. that might have more to do with my face and personality.  let’s not blame my style for that. clothes can only take you so far.

l&l: where do you shop?

j: H&M, American Apparel and Uniqlo. those stores are more for the cheap foundation of my wardrobe.  it’s not good to rely too heavily on only a couple stores.  those stores are more for affordable variety of colors.  the gaps are filled in with the occasional nice acquisition from various designers and whatnot.

l&l: what’s your favorite look on a girl?

j: the style that always gets me and has a timelessness to it would be the professional look.  i am not referring to the oldest profession, either.  when done right, the businesswoman style can, in one look, convey class, confidence, independence and maturity. more general answer: the best style a girl can have is being comfortable in their clothing.  you should like what you’re wearing.  if you’re at ease in your skin and clothing, it will show through in the way you carry yourself and interact with others.

thanks again for letting us come over and play, jonathan!

thanks to courtney knott for taking lovely photos for us.

check back next week for another peek into the closet  of a fashionable man of the midwest!



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a cold winter’s day is the perfect time for a bff letsneverleavethehouse date, and as we huddle over giant mugs of hot tea,  our minds wander to a warmer time: summer in the city! what better way to give a nod to that special season of sandy, fun-filled days lazing around on the beaches of Lake Michigan than with winter fashion spiked with a splash of summer love!  baby it’s cold outside, but breaking out the nautical stripes and bike-ride-worthy shorts, we’re feeling like some beach blanket babes over here! 

twins! matching your tights to your shoes is a great way to create a neutral base to play up a pattern or splash of color. throw on an extra pair for those bitter cold days- we’re under the impression that this is actually warmer than a pair of jeans…do you agree?

play dress-up with your long forgotten summer wardrobe- you might be surprised with what kinds of interesting combos you’ll come up with. just don’t forget to layer- we don’t want you freezing your cute little booty off out there!

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bloody(mary) sunday

what better way to beat a gloomy sunday than brunch with your bestie!?  it was a rainy one here in Chicago, so lexi and i headed to one of our favorite local spots, lula cafe, to brighten our day. besides having a ridiculously cute interior (and an always amazing rotating display of local artists’ work), they offer a new menu with an organic focus daily! farm fresh seasonal veggies, artisanal cheeses, wild-caught fish, and locally raised meats and poultry means not only is lula good in our tummies but its good for us. we strongly suggest you stop by if you’re in the neighborhood!

on lexi: burgundy jeans are the perfect splash of color on an otherwise gray day. and matchy matchy heels add just the right amount of fancy for sunday brunch!  on lo: a chunky cardigan will keep you cozy as the temperature continues to drop, especially when layered over a patterned dress and paired with your favorite pair of worn in knee highs!

and how was you weekend, honeypies?

xo. lexi and lo

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last night i watched the Shining for about the hundredth time this Halloween season.  i just can’t get enough!  its just about the spookiest movie ever made, and if you can get past the ocean of blood pouring from the elevators and those freaky little Grady twins, it is simply visually stunning as well. the scenery.  the use of color.  and oh, the costumes!

as we head in to colder months, i’m taking a cue from Wendy Torrance’s wardrobe.  everything about her style is just so practical and aesthetically pleasing.  lots of layering to keep me toasty warm? yep. a bright pop of color to offset winter drab? uh huh.  70s chic done oh so effortlessly? well, duh.

below is my take on Mrs. Torrance.  which screaming sirens of the screen inspire you?

The Overlook Look
Heeeere's Wendy!

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